Friday, February 13, 2015

Odds and Ends

Haven't posted for quite a while, but here is an assortment of art I've been doing ...

These are for a swap and are modeled after the art of Modigliani.  His subjects are characterized by their long necks and (often) vacant eyes.

I received a gelli plate for Christmas and have been having lots of fun with it.  I used it for the backgrounds on these, which are for a "blue" swap:

Acrylic paint using a feather as a stencil


  1. Hi! I stumbled on your blog while looking for the boxer Butterbean - hows that for an unexpected web find. I love the work I see here on the blog. The long neck "portraits" and the blue "swaps" are great. Your art is a little more "fun" than the stuff I usually like - it's different and fresh to me. Also like the variety of media, techniques and themes I see going back through the blog. Since I'm not the artiest person in the world, I see some terms I don't understand. Could you tell me what a "swap" is? Also an "ACT"? A "gelli plate"? Lastly, is any of your work for sale?

    I love the work and the blog. Keep it up!

    -Dave Wood